My wallet card

Somebody came up with a great idea called “The Wallet Card” game. That somebody is Gavin, the blogmaster of Baseball Card Breakdown. Several others have jumped on the idea, and have posted their wallet cards. It took me a few days, but I finally decided on my wallet card as well.

First, the obligatory photo of my wallet…

My wallet

No, I don’t carry a leather or faux leather wallet. My wallet of choice is made of Tyvek paper and is manufactured by Dynomighty. I used to have a Captain America wallet, but a couple of years ago my kids decided to surprise me with a new one and bought me The Flash. These wallets are awesome, and I highly recommend them to everybody.

Now on to the card…

1986 Topps Pete Rose Record Breaker

I waffled between a 1986 Topps Eric Davis that is already badly beaten and a 1987 Topps Kurt Stillwell rookie card, but as I was flipping through my stack of doubles and saw this guy I thought, “That might be the event that really got me into baseball in the first place.” Pete Rose breaking Ty Cobb‘s record of most hits in a career was a defining moment in my life. No, I wasn’t at the game, but I fondly remember following his progress late in the 1985 season, and remember hearing about that hit off Eric Show on September 11. I’m not 100% positive, but I think this is my first baseball memory. So it is really the most logical card for me.

Thus, Mr. Rose will be joining Wally West and some presidents and patriots this year.

1986 Topps Pete Rose Record Breaker Wallet Card

I’m sure we’ll take in a game at Great American Ballpark and hang out at the Reds Hall of Fame. Hopefully I remember to take a few pictures and post them here.


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