Jeter Unfiltered by Derek Jeter with photographs by Christopher Anderson (2014)

Jeter Unfiltered

Jeter Unfiltered
by Derek Jeter with photographs by Christopher Anderson
Gallery/Jeter Publishing, 2014
256 pages

The iconic Yankees shortstop who suited up for his last Major League Baseball game several months ago has released a book giving an overview of his career through photographs and personal memories of his experiences. Derek Jeter‘s words are kept brief, letting the photographs tell the majority of the story, divided into categories rather than chronologies. From Spring Training to Opening Day, his 3000th hit to frequent All-Star appearances, #2 takes baseball fans on a journey through his prolific career.

Jeter was always a class-act on the field, and his humility shines throughout this book. Never taking anything for granted, he speaks highly of his teammates, especially the others in the “Core 4” (Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera).

The photography of Christopher Anderson featured in Jeter Unfiltered is breathtaking. In addition to his contributions, numerous action photos from news agencies grace the pages, taking fans back to the excitement Jeter often created on the baseball diamond.

New York Yankee fans and Derek Jeter fans alike, along with fans of baseball history, will love Jeter Unfiltered.

Learn more about Gallery/Jeter Publishing.

Purchase Jeter Unfiltered by Derek Jeter with photographs by Christopher Anderson.

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