Jay Bruce to the Padres?

Jay Bruce photoshopped into a Padres hat

That’s the rumor. Jay Bruce is reportedly on the trading block, and the San Diego Padres are one of the teams showing interest. I will not be happy if #32 is playing anywhere other than Cincinnati next year, and creating another hole in the outfield just doesn’t make sense. I can’t help but wonder how Mick the Jay Bruce Fan feels about this.

(P.S. – I can’t believe I beat Joe Shlabotnik to this one either.)


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  1. I’m struggling to keep from falling behind on the players who actually move, I generally don’t think about illustrating stuff like this… With the exception of “If Dice-K does go back to Japan, I wonder if I could Photoshop him into a Fukuoka Softbank Hawks uniform?”

    Nice job on Jay Bruce, and thanks for the shout out.

    BTW, I just started following The Writer’s Journey because I was surprised that I didn’t already follow it… You follow?

  2. Sorry for the late reply. Glad he didnt go to the Padres or any other team. He needs to be right here in Cincy, in right field. If he is to be traded away, Im not sure if I’d follow him to a new team or not. He had a bad 2014 season, injury and lots of personal issues. I believe he’s over that hump and he’ll be back to true form in 2015!

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