Baseball season is almost over

It has been a disappointing year for Reds fans. After a late first-half surge that made it appear that the team would be contenders, they simply fell apart after the All-Star break. Between injuries, slumps, and season-long poor performances, the team struggled to even stay above the Cubs at the bottom of the division.

Outside of the Cincinnati world, two fine players are wrapping up their careers. Of course, nearly everyone is talking about Derek Jeter, the sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famer (why even wait five years?), who is playing his final games at Fenway Park this weekend. But there is another, lower-profile player who is just as classy as Jeter even if his stats don’t reflect the same talents.

Konerko fun card

Paul Konerko will be playing his final games for the White Sox at home this weekend against the Royals. Paulie has had a solid career: 439 home runs, 1412 RBI, and a .279 batting average (at the time of this writing). Probably not a Hall of Fame career, but certainly one to be admired.

I’ll be wrapping things up over on TWJ cards on tumblr this weekend as well, at least as far as the “base set” goes. There may be a handful of postseason cards, and will likely be awards cards down the line, but as far as the “regular set” goes, it will end with card #260.

The final card is scheduled to appear around 8:30 tomorrow night, and then two more “highlights” cards will follow.

Want to see all the TWJ cards that have featured players from your favorite team? Just type in your browser’s address bar:, replacing los-angeles-dodgers with whatever your favorite team is. You will see everything that has appeared over the past three seasons.


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  1. Wow. Typed in Mets and I love the cards! I’m drooling over here 🙂

  2. Somehow I missed this card of Paulie. I love it!

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