Unbreakable – Knockout (2014)


Dark Star Records, 2014
39 minutes

When Herman Rarebell is your producer and lyricist, it’s impossible to escape comparisons with Rarebell’s former band, Scorpions. The influence on Knockout is so overwhelming, it is sometimes difficult to tell if Unbreakable has a personality of their own. That said, this young German band does an excellent job of mimicking their idols, on both the rockers and ballads.

Rarebell—who wrote “Rock You Like A Hurricane”—writes or co-writes the lyrics on every song, while drummer Alex Ries shares duties on eight of the album’s tracks. There are some adult words sprinkled throughout the tracks. “Bad Blood” is a hard rocker that is diminished by such lyrics. Al Crespo’s handling of the vocals is good, though with a very strong accent that is difficult to comprehend at times (not unlike Klaus Meine).

The strongest songs are the lead single “Rock the Nightlife,” “Game of Life,” and the ballad “In Your Heart.” The lyrical content on “Crazy Cat Lady” is a little goofy and seems more suited to Weird Al Yankovic, but the rest of the album is solid in the hard rock tradition of the 1980s. Umbreakable’s Knockout is recommended for fans of Scorpions.

1. Knockout
2. Rock the Nightlife
3. Come Back To Me
4. Bad Blood
5. Obsession
6. Crazy Cat Lady
7. In Your Heart
8. Good Times
9. Back to The Roots
10. Game of Life
11. We Are Dreamers

Unbreakable is:
Al Crespo – vocals
Martin Ries – guitaris
Pascal Alles – guitars, backing vocals
Alex Ries – drums
Lukas Mittler – bass

Learn more about Unbreakable.

Learn more about Dark Star Records.

Purchase Unbreakable – Knockout.

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