Quiet Riot – 10 (2014)

Quiet Riot 10

Quiet Riot
RSM Records, 2014
43 minutes

The latest Quiet Riot release is met with some controversy, being the first record featuring new material and bearing the QR name since Kevin Dubrow’s death in 2007. From a business standpoint, the decision to call this a Quiet Riot release makes sense. An album bearing the Quiet Riot name, even with a different lead singer, will generate more interest and sales than a newy named band, even if the members of that band are well-known in the hard rock community. Think what you will about the business of the band name, but in the end, judge the record by the music.

As for the music, the studio tracks are worthy. Jizzy Pearl, best known for his work with Love/Hate, takes over the vocal duties on the studio tracks, the first six songs on the album. Those songs are very solid, well-written rockers in the vein of the 1980s heyday of the Los Angeles strip. There is no anthem like you would find on the classic Metal Health album, and Alex Grossi doesn’t have the chops that Carlos Cavazo had (but neither does present-day Carlos Cavazo). But the studio tracks on Quiet Riot’s 10 will not disappoint the rocker in you from a musical standpoint.

Once the live portion of 10 starts, however, beware. I was pleased with the song selections: “Put Up Or Shut Up” from the often overlooked QR III, as well as two songs from the criminally underrated Rehab and a medley. Live bass duties are handled by Rudy Sarzo and Tony Franklin. The vocal performance, though, is painful to listen to. The late Dubrow had a great deal of difficulty hitting the notes in these performances, and I have trouble believing he would have approved of them being released for public consumption.

Fans would have been better served with an six-song EP of strong studio recordings rather than a full ten-song release that includes live performances that are well below par, severely diminishing the overall quality of the album.

1. Rock In Peace
2. Bang For Your Buck
3. Backside Of Water
4. Back On You
5. Band Down
6. Dogbone Alley
7. Put Up Or Shut Up (live)
8. Free (live)
9. South Of Heaven (live)
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley (live)

Quiet Riot is:
Jizzy Pearl – vocals (tracks 1-6)
Kevin Dubrow – vocals (tracks 7-10)
Alex Grossi – guitar
Chuck Wright – bass
Frankie Banali – drums

Learn more about Quiet Riot.

Purchase Quiet Riot – 10.

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