Amazing Athletes: Mike Trout by Jon M. Fishman (2014)

Trout Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes: Mike Trout
by Jon M. Fishman
Lerner, 2014
32 pages

I fondly remember checking out small books from the library about my favorite athletes, from Michael Jordan to John Elway to Don Mattingly. Children today can do the same with the “Amazing Athletes” series of books published by Lerner. Baseball, football, basketball and other sports stars are the subjects of these books. I recently received a copy of the book dedicated to Mike Trout, and it is very similar to the books I enjoyed in my youth, with brief biographical information and several color photographs. The recommended age range is second to fifth grade, though most fifth graders would probably find the content a bit under their level. For younger sports fans, they are a nice introduction to terminology of the game and generally encourage the reader to work hard toward personal goals.

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  1. Yeah, I can easily re-envision those kind of titles lined up in a row at whatever latest book fair held in the school gym or cafeteria. Sure, I should have been reading more Dickens or whatever literature was “better” for me. But I still don’t care. I certainly don’t regret that time reading all those slim, cheaply printed volumes about Cal Ripken, Nolan Ryan, and others. Heck, I wish I’d read *more* of that stuff!

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