Radio Cult – Radio Cult vs. Mecha-Radio Cult! (2013)

Radio Cult vs Mecha Radio Cult

Radio Cult
Radio Cult vs. Mecha-Radio Cult
Genterine Records, 2013
15 minutes

Another fun release from one of Atlanta’s premiere party bands, Radio Cult vs. Mecha-Radio Cult features three originals and two cover songs. The covers, “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes and “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles, are fairly straightforward send-ups of the original (though it is interesting to hear “Seven Nation Army” sung by a female rather than Jack White). The originals are where Radio Cult becomes especially fun. “Jet Black Heart” is a standard mid-tempo rocker sung by Bambi Lynn, a throwback to an early-80s Joan Jett. Bassist Ricky Zero takes the mic on “Man Made Monster” and spins the tale of Frankenstein in horror punk fashion. “Saturday Midnight Double Feature Comes Alive!” is a live recording of the song that originally appears on Never Enough. As with that album, my favorite songs on this EP are the horror-themed tunes, but it’s a fun record from beginning to end.

The album art by Peter Cuttler is fascinating as well, as Bambi Lynn is made into a comic book character to fight against a mechanical Bambi Lynn while Ricky Zero watches from a window in a nearby building. Who hasn’t wanted to become a comic book superhero? Not only are the songs fun to listen to, the cover makes it fun coming up with a story to describe what’s going on.

1. Jet Black Heart
2. Seven Nation Army
3. Man Made Monster
4. Walk Like An Egyptian
5. Saturday Midnight Double Feature Comes Alive!

Learn more about Genterine Records.

Learn more about Radio Cult.

Purchase Radio Cult vs. Mecha-Radio Cult and other Radio Cult merchandise.


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