Radio Cult – Never Enough (2011)

Radio Cult Never Enough CD Review

Radio Cult
Never Enough
Genterine Records, 2011
33 minutes

Radio Cult built a name for themselves in the Atlanta area playing cover songs, but Never Enough shows that the band has the chops for entertaining originals as well. Most of the songs are straightforward garage rock, nothing earth-shattering, but they are well-constructed songs. Of these, “Get Out Of This Town” is the best of the bunch. Radio Cult really shines, though, when the theme of the song turns to horror. Ricky Zero and Bambi Lynn do an excellent job of bringing out the creepy sounds in “Saturday Midnight Double Feature” and “Shoot The Dead;” the latter has a groove that sounds as if it could be an early demo for Rob Zombie. Classic horror fans in particular, though, will enjoy the wink to old-time local horror movie hosts in “Saturday Midnight Double Feature.”

Budgetary restraints are evident when listening, but Never Enough is a very good release for an independent band with such limitations. The major complaint is the brevity of the album, clocking in at just under 33 minutes. Three songs, however, get the video treatment.

Watch the video for “Get Out Of This Town”:

Watch the video for “Saturday Midnight Double Feature”:

Watch the video for “Shoot The Dead” (featuring cult horror icon Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films):

1. Get Out Of This Town
2. When I’m With You
3. Saturday Midnight Double Feature
4. Back To You
5. Make The First Move
6. Galaxy Man (Theme Song)
7. I Don’t Believe In Ghosts
8. I Wanna Play With The Bad Boys
9. Just A Distraction
10. Shoot The Dead

Learn more about Radio Cult.

Learn more about Genterine Records.

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