The Athlete’s Cookbook by Corey Irwin and Brett Stewart (2014)

The Athletes Cookbook Corey Irwin Brett Stewart

The Athlete’s Cookbook
by Corey Irwin and Brett Stewart
Ulysses Press, 2014
192 pages

Eating right and exercising is a constant struggle for many Americans, and the products on the market to help people trying to do those things are abundant. The Athlete’s Cookbook by Corey Irwin and Brett Stewart teaches readers not only what to eat but when to eat it for maximum benefit. The program you use depends on your goal; do you want to lose body fat, increase endurance, or build muscle? Each objective calls for different types of foods at different times, and following Irwin and Stewart’s guide will help to maximize your results.

The cookbook section is full of dishes for every meal, as well as appetizers, snacks, desserts, and beverages. Reading through the ingredients one will notice several international recipes rather than American cuisine. The authors felt there was no need for another recipe book featuring traditional American dishes and desired to “celebrate America’s culinary evolution.”

The true value in this book is the nutritional programs, though, teaching readers which types of foods to eat and which ones to avoid, giving specific examples of each, and how to eat them properly. Even if one never prepares a single dish from the recipe section, he will learn why carbohydrates are good on certain days and essential on others.

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