Fun Cards: 1981 Donruss Zack Cozart

1981 Donruss Cozart

I’m really excited about the return of Donruss this year. Even though they are unlicensed, I like what I have seen on the blogs. There is a definite 1987 feel in the design, along with a touch of 1978 Topps with the city in the bottom left corner. I also like the inserts, from the “No-No’s” in the style of 1991 Donruss to the Power Plus with a hint of 1985 Action All-Stars in the border. I don’t have any of these in-hand yet, but am looking forward to adding them to my collection more than Topps.

I’m also really excited about the 2014 Reds team. Bryan Price is bringing a different philosophy to the team, and so far the players seem to be responding to him. Hitting coach Don Long is working with those who struggled last year, changing some stances and hand positions. It’s no longer good enough to make the playoffs; they are expected to do more.

Shortstop Zack Cozart needs to step up his game. He’s a decent fielder, but the team needs more offensive production from both him and third baseman Todd Frazier. I do not believe Cozart is the long-term shortstop for the Reds; he already seems to be in a decline at age 28 and it is doubtful he will ever make an All-Star team. But he is the best we have at the moment, and we need to get the most out of him while he’s here.


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