Here are some reasons I don’t like Topps Heritage…

Topps posted a bunch of photos of 2014 Topps Heritage on their Facebook page yesterday. In general, I like Topps Heritage. But there are some things that I definitely don’t like.


I like Derek Jeter. I don’t like that his card is a “high-numbered base card” in the 2014 Topps Heritage set. The same goes for Yasiel Puig, Miguel Cabrera, and Max Scherzer. Seriously, is there any reason to buy a pack if all of the superstars are in the high numbers?

SandbergI am glad that Heritage includes managers in the set. It’s neat to see Ryne Sandberg, Don Mattingly, John Farrell and other former big leaguers still involved in the game.

I don’t like that there are only seventeen managers who will get cards in the set. Where is Bryan Price? No, he never played major league baseball, and he has never had a baseball card. But he (and the other twelve non-card managers) still skippers a team and should have a card if seventeen other managers have a card.

PuigBack to Puig. He wasn’t an All-Star last year. Maybe he should have been, but he wasn’t. Maybe he will be this year, but we really don’t know yet.

I don’t like that Topps took it upon themselves to either correct last year’s manager or predict the future, whichever is the case here.

This isn’t the first time a non-All-Star has been called an All-Star by Topps. One of the most egregious examples is Tony Bernazard from the 1987 Topps set; Bernazard was not an All-Star in 1986, or 1987…or ever.


First things first, I don’t like Tim McCarver. But this isn’t a post about Tim McCarver. This is a post about 2014 Topps Heritage. And I don’t like that they cut up a 1981 Fleer card and put it in a 2014 Topps set.

JacksonTopps used a Fleer product in their set.

Let that sink in.

First things first, I absolutely love Bo Jackson. He was one of the most exciting baseball players and one of the most exciting football players. He was an all-around athlete and was fascinating to watch. Jackson was born in 1962. His baseball career started in 1986 and ended in 1994. I don’t like that he is included in the 2014 Topps Heritage set, which is supposed to be an homage to the 1965 issue.

I like the concept of Topps Heritage. I don’t like the execution.

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  1. The only way that the McCarver cut signature would be acceptable is if the inscription was made out, “To my pal Deion”.

  2. Pick, pick, pick. What a whiner. My understanding, and I could be wrong about this, is that short prints this year will fall every other pack rather than every third pack. If so, that kind of takes the edge out of having lots of superstars in the high number short prints. I think the fact they cut up a Fleer McCarver is pretty funny, actually. I think it was Upper Deck that started cutting up the competition’s cards for cut signatures–pretty sure I saw they cut up a Nolan Ryan rookie card, or maybe that was Panini–so go talk to them. On the Managers, I am 100% in agreement with you. Every team should have a team card, too. But more managers means fewer players. And collectors, as a whole, want players. And not just players; most want more cards of their favorite players. There’s a reason managers have completely disappeared from the flagship set. There’s a reason Topps Update Series had like 85 Puigs. I thought that was a waste and an abomination. But they moved product. My desire for manager cards, and yours…that’s the minority opinion. And All-Star is just a word. You don’t see a *tm* after that word on the card.

    To you and me, collecting is a hobby. To Topps, its a business. They have to figure a way to maintain a profit margin with an ever shrinking collector base. For the pure fan and the set builder, nothing beat Topps Total. No shortprints, no inserts. Just a nice big set featuring the guys who don’t usually get cards alongside the guys who do. But it didn’t sell well enough to justify its existence. Here’s a thought. What if the Heritage High Number Short Prints were all manager and team cards? Would anybody chase them? The pure hobbyist maybe. But most of the people who do, now, wouldn’t. If nobody is chasing the short prints, that’s much less product sold and less profit. Same thing with autographs. Would a kid (or even an adult) get more excited pulling a Wayne Schurr autograph or a Bo Jackson? Heck, I’ve been a baseball fan and collecting since the early 60s and I have no idea who Wayne Schurr is. Everybody knows Bo. I’ve pulled the Wayne Schurr type autographs from Topps Heritage before and its a huge letdown. That’s my one auto per box? Wayne Schurr? Gee, thanks. No offense to Wayne Schurr.

    To me, in the end, all that matters is that the ’65 was one of Topps’ best designs ever. That’s what baseball cards should look like. As a Mets fan, I’d prefer a Dice-K card or even an Anthony Recker (as a pitcher, of course) to another card of Johan Santana who didn’t pitch last year and was never going to be a Met this year–what the heck is that all about–but I’ll take whatever I can get because the cards are beautiful while the flagship is vomit.

    • Just offering my opinion…everyone’s tastes are different. I actually like the flagship, but won’t be buying packs of those either because my collecting goals are so focused that it would be a waste of money for me. I can probably pick up most of the cards I want for less than the cost of 3 or 4 packs, so I’ll just patiently wait until the time is right for me to buy.

      But I don’t think there is anything wrong with pointing out what I don’t like about a product. To you it is nit picky and whiny, but to me it is what separates something that I would really enjoy and something that I see as a waste of my money. Bills are tight. I don’t like wasting money on my hobby.

  3. They just want to make money, not sense.

  4. What the hell…. McCarver is alive and well, how is that the best signature of his that they could find to cut?

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