Jim Maloney’s first no-hitter

In case you missed it, the final three innings of Jim Maloney‘s 1965 no-hitter against the Chicago Cubs surfaced on YouTube at the end of last week.

What a great video showcasing a historic moment in Reds history!

Maloney made 30 or more appearances each season from 1963-1969. In that 7-year span, his record was 117-60 and had an ERA of 2.90. If you’re into the more “modern” stats, his ERA+ was 125 and Maloney racked up 33.3 WAR in that time period. In 1965 alone, Maloney’s lone All-Star year, his WAR was 8.1, which is considered MVP level. That was second to Juan Marichal‘s 10.3 WAR for pitchers, and only Willie Mays posted a better overall WAR than the two of them.

Maloney finished 21st in MVP voting that year, and five other pitchers finished ahead of him: Sandy Koufax (2nd), Don Drysdale (5th), Marichal (9th), Frank Linzy (13th), and Vern Law (17th). Koufax was the unanimous choice for the Cy Young Award.

Maloney is one of several Reds alumni scheduled to appear at Redsfest this year.

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  1. I stumbled across this over the weekend, and while I was intending just to watch a minute or two, I ended up watching it for 40 minutes, and I intend to go back and watch the rest when I get a chance.

    The no-hitter aspect is cool, but what really got me was just the whole idea that it’s part of game from 1965 in COLOR… and surprisingly good video quality at that. Checking out the uniforms, watching Ernie Banks come to bat, a young Pete Rose in action… Just too much awesomeness to put into words.

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