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Baker fired as Reds manager

After six seasons, two first place finishes and three playoff appearances, Dusty Baker was dismissed as Reds manager. The firing comes after six consecutive losses: five home games against the Mets and Pirates and the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. In typical Dusty fashion, he said, “I was a little shocked, I wasn’t really shocked because I hadn’t heard from anyone in a couple of days.”

So he was shocked, or not shocked?

Baker did defend his coaching staff last week in a meeting with his bosses. “We talked about Brook about a week ago, and they were talking about replacing him and I didn’t think that was right,” the Reds’ former manager said. “All the coaches get blamed for everything. Maybe it was time to go. I did say something like that — and they did it. It wasn’t a mutual thing.”

So what are Dusty’s plans for the future? “I’m not retiring. That wasn’t in my plans, I’m not taking a year off unless I’m forced to if the right job doesn’t come along or no job comes along.”

Hey Dusty, I hear the Cubs are looking for a new manager.

Read more enlightening thoughts from Dusty here.

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  1. I saw the news while at work, and told the guy next to me, who happens to be a Nats fan. Now he wants the Nats to go after Dusty…

    • Dusty is really good at building a team and making them better than they were. He is good at working with younger players. But he has never in twenty years finished the job. He went to the World Series once in his career.

      In my opinion he is better suited for a front office position or as a coach. But he should not be the head honcho on the field. He just doesn’t have what it takes to take it all the way.

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