Cards from a Tim Wallach fan

A few weeks ago, I sent a small selection of Tim Wallach cards to a guy who is trying to collect ever Wallach card ever printed. He returned the favor with a nice assortment of Reds cards. One of my favorite cards from that package is a 1995 Bazooka “Red Hot” Barry Larkin

Larkin 1995 Bazooka Red Hot

There were a handful of “Red Hot” parallels in the 1995 set; this was #8. According to this site, the card is only “worth” 34 cents. To me, though, that number doesn’t really mean anything.

Would I pay a dealer 34 cents for this card? Probably. I would probably pay 50 cents, maybe even a dollar. But it’s hard for me to say it’s “worth” that money. I can’t take it to the store and use it as currency. I can’t trade it to a Dodgers fan for a card of his favorite player that is “worth” the same. So really, the “worth” of the card is not measured in how much you can get out of it. That’s no fun anyway.

To me, the card is worth a lot more than that because 1) I didn’t already have it, and 2) I had never seen it before getting it in the mail. That’s the beauty of collecting, whether it’s baseball cards or compact discs or books: when you get something you like that you didn’t already have, and possibly didn’t even know existed. Sure, I have checklists of Reds cards for nearly every year cards have been produced, but I haven’t laid eyes on half those cards and it was such a zombie-like task putting those lists together I couldn’t tell you what’s on them without looking.

So thank you, Mr. Tim Wallach collector, for bringing me closer to my goal of collecting one of every Reds card ever printed. I shall send a few more Wallach cards your way as soon as I find some.


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  1. Love Barry Larkin. He is the focus of my next player collection.

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