Fun Cards: 1981 Fleer Cesar Geronimo

The powerhouse baseball team of the 1970s was the Cincinnati Reds, with four trips to the World Series and two additional appearances in the postseason. The offensive lineup was full of future Hall of Famers and superstars: Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose, Tony Perez, George Foster. The outfield of Foster, Cesar Geronimo, and Ken Griffey is often overlooked because of the immense popularity of the catcher and infield.

By the end of the decade, the pieces of the Big Red Machine were falling off. Perez had been traded, Rose left via free agency, and others were on their way out. By 1980, Dave Collins replaced Geronimo as the full-time centerfielder. It was not until January 1981, however, that Cesar was traded to the Royals for German Barranca. Topps and Donruss both saw fit to include him in their 1981 sets as a Red (and Topps in the Traded series updated his uniform and team affiliation to the Royals), but Fleer ignored the outfielder in their 1981 offering.

In the age of the internet, we are able to correct the wrongs of yesteryear. Presenting a “fun card” of Cesar Geronimo, the 1981 Fleer card that should have been (with special thanks to TWJ reader Mick for the card template)…


Geronimo was released in October 1983 and did not join another team in 1984, but Topps and Donruss again issued cards of the 70s star in their 1984 sets. Fleer did not. Anyone want to take a crack at a 1984 Fleer Cesar Geronimo?

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  1. Good Luck finding a pic of Cesar Geronimo in a Royal uniform. Wow, searched Google and Yahoo with nothing other than baseball card pics.

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