Newsted – Heavy Metal Music (2013)

Newsted CD review

Heavy Metal Music
Collective Sounds, 2013
57 minutes

Jason Newsted will always be known as the guy who used to play bass in Metallica. No amount of new projects (and he has had plenty) will change that. But it is nice when a new release comes along that makes you remember fondly his time spent with the thrash masters, an album that hearkens back to those days while not imitating them to the point of parody. Heavy Metal Music is just that—a fitting tribute to his past with his feet firmly planted in the present.

Newsted delivers the voice and bass guitar for the band, with Jesus Mendez Jr. on drums and Jessie Farnsworth on guitars. Mike Mushok of Staind joined the band on the road as Newsted toured with Megadeth on their Gigantour. Newsted’s vocal delivery sounds like a cross between Motörhead’s Lemmy and Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, more suitable for the faster-paced songs such as “Soldierhead,” but still appropriate for the mid-tempo rockers like “Above All.” There are no blazing guitar solos to make your jaw drop, but Farnsworth’s worth fits each track. There is no doubt that Newsted is the star of the outfit, and his band is not about to upstage him on his debut solo record.

Highlights of the album include the whiplash-inducing “Soldierhead” and “King Of The Underdogs,” the latter being an anthem for unappreciated metal fans all over the world. “Nocturnus” has a great groove and may bring to the listener’s mind a mid-70s Black Sabbath vibe. “Twisted Tale Of The Comet” also has a great vibe and a great story behind it, written for his late Voivod bandmate Denis D’Amour.

If you are hungry for some new metal that doesn’t sound like the cookie-cutter trash on commercial radio, give Newted’s Heavy Metal Music a try.

1. Heroic Dose
2. Soldierhead
3. …As The Crow Flies
4. Ampossible
5. Long Time Dead
6. Above All
7. King Of The Underdogs
8. Nocturnus
9. Twisted Tail Of The Comet
10. Kindevillusion
11. Futureality

Check out the video for “Soldierhead” below:

Learn more about Newsted.

Learn more about Collective Sounds.

Purchase Newsted – Heavy Metal Music.


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  1. I loved this new LP, following on from their recent EP. I checked them out at Download and of course they utterly rocked. Honestly, this album blows the trash Metallica has been churning out for years away. More power to Jason!

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