Heart of a Tiger: Growing up with My Grandfather, Ty Cobb by Herschel Cobb (2013)

Heart of a Tiger book review

Heart of a Tiger: Growing up with My Grandfather, Ty Cobb
by Herschel Cobb
ECW Press, 2013
220 pages

Baseball fans know Ty Cobb as a hard-nosed, mean-spirited icon of the game. The tales of his exploits, both on the baseball diamond and off the field, are nothing short of legendary. He held numerous records for decades, and is highly regarded for his baseball ability. But to his grandchildren, he was just “Grandaddy.”

Herschel Cobb delivers a different perspective of his grandfather in Heart of a Tiger, recounting several summers which he spent with an old man who happened to be a baseball legend. Herschel had a rough home life; his father (Ty’s son) was emotionally and physically abusive, and his mother was an alcoholic. But Ty was a sensitive, caring man who showed an enormous amount of love for his grandchildren.

Cobb went to great lengths to shield Herschel and his other grandchildren from his fame; the author was twelve years old before he discovered how great Ty had been. The two shared a special relationship, teaching the young Cobb how to trust an adult again after his father had shattered that ability. This is a sensitive, heart-warming memoir that will bring a smile to the reader’s face.

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  1. Thanks for posting – that’s definitely a book I’d like to read!

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