Fun Cards Submission: 2008ish5 Topps Tyler Mahle (2013 Draft Pick)

Tyler Mahle drafted by Cincinnati Reds 2013 MLB draft

Teams love projectable lefties and Mahle definitely fits this description. Right now his fastball will sit in the high 80s but he should see an uptick in velocity as he fills out. His curveball and changeup need a lot of work at the next level but both have the chance to be average or better. He has very smooth mechanics and a repeatable delivery, leading many to believe that he will have good command in the future. Mahle also has a great feel for pitching and is very aggressive on the mound. He is committed to play at UCSB where his brother Tyler plays.

“His curveball and changeup…both have the chance to be average or better.” That doesn’t sound like the most glowing report, does it? And he has a brother named Tyler? But I thought his name was Tyler??? Is he from a rural town in Vermont? (Obviously a simple editorial oversight, happens all the time, no big deal. A quick skimming of UCSB’s baseball roster shows a Greg Mahle who pitches and plays first base.)

“Fun card” supplied by TWJ contributor Patrick.


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