Fun Cards Submission: 1973 Topps Todd Frazier “Boyhood Photos of the Stars”

Frazier 1973 Topps

Before we get back to the draft pick cards, TWJ contributor Patrick had previously sent over this “fun card” of Todd Frazier using the 1973 Topps “Boyhood Photos of the Stars” design. This concept didn’t last very long…I wonder if there was a backlash from the big leaguers for using photos from their youth? Did Topps have to obtain permission, or did they slide a $20 bill to a family members on the down-low?

Donruss Triple Play set brought the concept back in the 1990s with the “Little Hotshots” subset. The difference with Triple Play is you had to turn the card over to find out who the player was. I didn’t like that very much (and I love the 1992 and 1993 Triple Play sets).


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