Beefing up my Concepcion collection and more!


Patrick recently dropped off a box full of Reds cards, including a ton of Dave Concepcion cards I didn’t have yet. You can see some of the bounty in the image above. One of the cards that really caught my eye was the 1985 Donruss Highlights…

1985 Donruss Concepcion

This comes from the year-end set Donruss put out in 1985 (they also issued a Highlights set in 1986 and 1987). The front is pretty standard, an almost-too-dark-to-see photograph and a slightly altered design. But what really hit home with this card was the write-up on the reverse…

1985 Donruss Concepcion

We all know that 3,000 hits is pretty much an automatic induction to the Hall of Fame, as long as you played cleanly. But Donruss seems to make a pretty big deal out of Concepcion’s 2,000th hit. The writer was so impressed with Davey’s hit record that he wrote…

Concepcion for the Hall of Fame

The BBWAA did not agree, and so far neither has the Veterans Committee. I have always been a supporter of Concepcion for Cooperstown, but I will admit that statistically he does not measure up. Do I think his inclusion would diminish the importance of the Hall? Absolutely not. If nothing else, it would further celebrate the great Reds teams of the 1970s and show that the Hall is not entirely about statistics. Some players have more to them than numbers, something that might push them into legendary status even though a simple glance at their career line on does not seem as impressive as others.

Should Dave Concepcion be in the Hall of Fame? I still say yes, and hope the Veterans Committee one day agrees with me.


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