The Bronx – The Bronx IV (2013)

The Bronx IV CD Review

The Bronx
The Bronx IV
ATO Records, 2013
36 minutes

Straight-forward, unapologetic hard rock is the best way to describe The Bronx’s fourth eponymous release. A mish mash of early punk rock and modern hard rock, this band refuses to pull any punches. Matt Caughthran’s vocal delivery is sometimes reminiscent of Johnny Thunders (especially on “Too Many Devils”), while guitarists Joby J. Ford and Ken Mochikoshi Horne mix some nice riffing with crunching power chords. “Life Less Ordinary” features Caughthran crooning over an electric guitar sans bass and drums, a la Bush’s “Glycerine.” Overall, The Bronx IV is a hard-driving album that only lifts up on the gas pedal for a few moments, just to hammer it down again.

1. The Unholy Hand
2. Along For The Ride
3. Style Over Everything
4. Youth Wasted
5. Too Many Devils
6. Pilot Light
7. Torches
8. Under The Rabbit
9. Ribcage
10. Valley Heat
11. Life Less Ordinary
12. Last Revelation

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