Fun Cards: 2013 Topps “Chasing History” / “Erasing History” Pete Rose

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After all the furor over the omission of Pete Rose‘s name from the back of certain 2013 Topps baseball cards, I decided to make my own 2013 Topps Rose card as it should have appeared in the “Chasing History” insert set.

I like the concept of the “Chasing History” set, but not the execution. Look at the cards and the “history” being chased. Some of them are not very impressive to me. R.A. Dickey gets a card for winning 20 games? Really? Roberto Clemente for 3000 hits? Please. And when did Rod Carew ever hit .400? A fantastic hitter, sure, and that 1977 season with his .388 average was great…but that’s .012 shy of the mark.

Some of the cards are spot-on. Rickey Henderson, Mariano Rivera, and Warren Spahn are worthy inclusions. But many others fall short of the moniker “Chasing History.” I would love to see an insert set featuring the career and single-season record holders for the major statistical categories…even though that means it would be littered with ‘roiders. But such a set will never be produced because of the man at the top of this post…Peter Edward Rose.

Perhaps there should be a one-card set made just for him…



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  1. Those look great. I wish I had those photoshop skills!

  2. Well, Rose is not allowed to appear in modern day licensed sets, so that is why he is never on the checklist. However, Panini released a box set this year that has 60 base cards and a guaranteed Rose auto or redemption for an autographed memorabilia item.

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