A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon by Rich Handley (2012)

Back to the Future book review

A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon
by Rich Handley
Hasslein Books, 2012
354 pages

Three movies, two seasons of cartoons, and a handful of comic books contributed to one of the most fascinating time traveling franchises of all-time: Back to the Future. One may have difficulty navigating through all the who’s and what’s in the massive universe that came into existence because of BTTF, but Rich Handley helps bring some sense to it all in A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon. Handley goes so deep into this fictional world, he includes not only the aforementioned movies, cartoons, and comics, he delves into the short-lived fan magazine, music videos, video games, commercials, amusement park rides, and even the photographs hanging in the Doc Brown’s Chicken restaurant at Universal Studios. And while it is reasonable to assume that the general public at least has access to these sources, Handley even gets his hands on screenplay drafts and film outtakes.

Some of the details here are very miniscule, from Marty McFly’s driver’s license number to words that were scrawled in graffiti in various places during the movie. Of course, you can learn about the Flux Capacitor, Doc Brown, and the entire McFly clan. There are also entries in the lexicon showing Darth Vader, Eddie Van Halen, and Alex Keaton’s place in the Back to the Future universe.

The appendices in the back of the book complement the book wonderfully. An episode guide, cover gallery, and even a family tree of sorts are among the extra pages at the end of A Matter of Time. Perhaps the most interesting page in this volume is the reproduction of the telephone book page Marty tore out in 1955, showing Doc’s historical address and phone number.

From beginning to end, A Matter of Time will delight Back to the Future fans with tidbits that they had forgotten.

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