So long, Stubbs…Reds choose Choo!

1956 Topps

Drew Stubbs is rounding third and heading for Cleveland! Have the Reds solved their lead-off dilemma? Only time will tell, but by the look of the stats, they stole Shin-Soo Choo from the Indians in exchange for Stubbs. In 2012, Choo beat out the former Reds centerfielder in hits (169-105), doubles (43-13), RBI (67-40), batting average (.283-.213), and perhaps most importantly for a top-of-the-order batter, on-base percentage (.373-.277). Though he doesn’t have the base-stealing prowess of Stubbs, Choo could at least get on base for the Reds’ big bats: Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, and the newly-inked Ryan Ludwick.

Welcome to the Queen City, Shin-Soo Choo…don’t let us down!

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  1. Pika…….Chooooooooooooo!

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