Here comes Christmas!

Today is the last day of November. Crazy, ain’t it? Christmas is just over three weeks away, so if you haven’t already started your holiday shopping…do it today! Here are some ideas to get you rolling…

  • FIKI Sports Tabletop Games: I posted a review of the Cincinnati Reds-themed football game near the beginning of the baseball season, and I will be showing you the Bengals edition soon. There are also several college teams available, and other tabletop games. A good price for a unique gift.
  • Fluxx Card Games: Looney Labs’ card games are fantastic and fun, and there are several different themes for Fluxx: pirates, zombies, Cthulhu, the Wizard of Oz, and more.

Cereal Killers

  • Cereal Killers Trading Cards: If you have a horror fan on your shopping list, Cereal Killers cards are certain to bring a smile on Christmas morning. These awesome parody cards irreverently pay homage to some of the greatest scary movies in history.
  • Fatheads: The link will take you to a page of Cincinnati Reds Fatheads, but you can search for your favorite teams there. Or Star Wars. Or the Avengers. Or Star Trek. They look great on the wall and are more durable than old-school posters.
  • Roommates Wall Decals: Especially the Hanna Barbera line.
  • Spider-Man Apron: Geeks have to eat, too…and some geeks cook. If the geek you love isn’t into Spider-Man, maybe he likes Batman, or Superman, or Captain America. There are plenty of geeky aprons to choose from.

OYO Sportstoys

  • OYO Sportstoys: Tons of MLB and NFL players have their own LEGO-like figures produced by OYO Sportstoys, each customized for the individual player with uniform numbers and facial features.
  • HeroDecks Playing Cards: Sports teams, political figures, and music legends are all subjects of HeroDecks.

What are you waiting for? Go shop!


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