TTM Success: Eddie Kasko

Cincinnati has had a long tradition of great shortstops, including new Hall of Famer Barry Larkin and should-be Hall of Famer Dave Concepcion. Before either of them arrived in the Queen City, however, Eddie Kasko ruled the middle infield for the Redlegs. At the end of October, I sent Mr. Kasko a 1962 Topps card and asked him if he would autograph it for me. Just eleven days later it came back home…

1962 Topps Kasko

But there was something else in the envelope with the 1962 card. Mr. Kasko included an undated black and white 4×6 photograph of himself, also autographed. I love getting “through the mail” autographs of former Reds players, but when they include something extra like this it makes it even more special.

undated Kasko photo

Thank you, Mr. Kasko!


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