1955 Ted Kluszewski postcard

I didn’t have a lot of information about the 1954-55 Reds Postcards when I listed them on my 1950s Reds Checklist. But I’m glad I didn’t remove that listing due to my own personal ignorance of them. A reader in Missouri happened to surf here, and sent me an e-mail that she had the “Ted Kluszewski/stretching at first” postcard, and wondered if I would be interested in it. She wanted someone to enjoy having it.

Klu postcard

She told me that it was not in the best shape, but I look at this card and see that it was loved by its previous owner. And when I flipped it over, I saw something even cooler:

Klu postcard with 1955 postmark

This isn’t your standard store-bought team-issued postcard…it was actually mailed to someone in 1955! I imagine the person wrote to the team and requested it, and they sent this card as a reward. There is no writing underneath the Reds’ return address, only the name (obscured for privacy purposes) and the postmarked stamp on the right side. As you know, I always enjoy getting mail from baseball teams, and I’m glad to see that it is a hobby that others have enjoyed in past generations.

This card has already found a special place in my collection. I am thrilled to have it.


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  1. Nice lady. Dig the 2 cent stamp. I love the simplicity of the return address.

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