I bought some packs today…

It has been a long time since I bought packs of baseball cards. But today I picked up four packs and enjoyed ripping them open.

The first pack was a 2012 Leaf The Living Legend: Pete Rose; I purchased it at the LCS along with a couple of $1 Starting Lineup figures and a Washington Nationals pennant. Six cards for two bucks…not great, but you know what you’re getting, so I was willing to cough that up.

Rose Leaf

Surprise, surprise…I got six Pete Rose cards. Like I said, I knew that going in, so I was happy with my haul.

The second pack was the 2012 edition of Garbage Pail Kids. I almost went with the magnets, but decided on the cards instead. Eight cards, two bucks. Only a quarter a pop, so that’s not too bad…

The Scream

That card alone is worth the two dollars. I was a bit disappointed in the backs of the cards; apparently they are all puzzle pieces now, or else I got a strange pack.

The last two packs were 2012 Panini Triple Play. I absolutely adore these cards.


OK, so I didn’t know who half the players were, but I love the design. These are the first Triple Play cards I’ve bought this year. I definitely want the Reds, but didn’t get any at all, so if you want to trade let me know. Here’s what I got:


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