Announcing the BBBWARAOAAE National League Cy Young Award…

The Senior Circuit also has a clear-cut winner for the Cy Young Award according to the BBBWARAOAAE, but the vote may turn out different when the professionals’ ballots are revealed. Kershaw is a favorite of the writers, but Dickey truly was the most dominant starter in the NL this year…


National League Cy Young Award

NAME 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th TOTAL
RA Dickey 7 1 53
Gio Gonzalez 3 3 1 23
Clayton Kershaw 1 3 1 14
Craig Kimbrel 1 1 1 1 13
Johnny Cueto 2 1 2 12
Kris Medlen 1 2
Matt Cain 1 2
Cole Hamels 1 2
Aroldis Chapman 1 1
Kyle Lohse 1 1

Ballots are revealed at each voter’s discretion. Justin’s World, Lifetime Topps Project and Paul’s Random Baseball Stuff each posted their picks on their respective sites.


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