Lots of activity on the tumblr…

When I decided earlier this month to go live with my own card design here on the blog, I failed to take into consideration the limited time left in the year. I didn’t want to overload the site here with custom cards, and so after a couple of weeks I decided to make a tumblr that would display all of those creations.

You can see it here. And bookmark it. And follow it. Or add it to your RSS. Or whatever you do to keep up with your blogging friends.

Every once in a while, I will remind you of the tumblr here. There are currently 48 cards published, with another dozen scheduled over the next few days. That’s the good thing about tumblr. You can’t overload it. That’s what it’s designed for.

You will find cards of current players (Andrew McCutchen, Chris Perez, Buster Posey), retired superstars (Tim Raines, Mike Schmidt [coming soon]), football and basketball players (Carson Palmer, Michael Jordan), and television characters (Breaking Bad, Doctor Who). You’ll also find a card of Darin Ruf, a Philadelphia rookie who has hit forty home runs this year (39 in the minors, and one in his first big league game a couple of nights ago).


I will gladly take suggestions. Someone recommended I do something with A.J. Green and Andy Dalton in their Reds duds, and I did. On the blog, it might take a week or two to post a suggestion, but on tumblr it may appear in a matter of hours.

So go ahead, tumble on over to TWJ Cards on tumblr.


About JT

Preacher. Author. 911 dispatcher. Baseball fan. Horror nut. Music nerd. Bookworm. Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your Tumblr, and have even reblogged a few of your custom cards. Keep up the good work.

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