TTM Success: Charlie Puleo

1984 Topps

In just eight days, former Reds pitcher Charlie Puleo answered my autograph request. I had sent two cards to him last week, his 1984 Topps (above) and 1984 Fleer (below), and he signed both.

1984 Fleer

Whenever I send an autograph request, I usually add a few questions in my letter to the player. Most of the time, the cards come back signed but the answers come back unanswered. That’s fine; I understand they don’t have a lot of time and I am ecstatic just to get the autographs. But Mr. Puleo took the extra time to answer my question.

I wrote, “I was also wondering what your favorite part of playing in Cincinnati was? Did you ahve a favorite part of the city when you weren’t playing? What was your game-day routine? Did you have a specific meal you ate before you pitched?” His reply is below.


How awesome is that? Too bad he didn’t name the restaurant. I’m thinking maybe the Spaghetti Factory, but I can’t be sure.

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  1. I thought Old Spaghetti factory as soon as I saw that, too

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