Alberta Cross – Songs Of Patience (2012)

Alberta Cross Songs of Patience review

Alberta Cross
Songs Of Patience
ATO Records, 2012
43 minutes

Regardless of what musical genre you enjoy, you will find a number of bands that are good, but not really great. Unfortunately, Alberta Cross falls into that categorization in the folk rock genre. Petter Ericson Stakee amd Terry Wolfers are good songwriters and musicians. Stakee is a good singer. But there is something missing, something preventing the group from crossing that threshold into greatness.

That said, there are fleeting moments of brilliance from the band. If you have the patience to listen through the entire Songs Of Patience album (which again isn’t bad, but isn’t great), you will hear hints of something more than good on the last two tracks, “Money For The Weekend (Pocket Full Of Shame)” and “Bonfires.” The former is so good, in fact, it was included on the soundtrack for Madden NFL 12.

1. Magnolia
2. Crate Of Gold
3. Lay Down
4. Come On Maker
5. Ophelia On My Mind
6. Wasteland
7. I Believe In Everything
8. Life Without Warning
9. Money For The Weekend (Pocket Full Of Shame)
10. Bonfires

See Alberta Cross perform “Money For The Weekend (Pocket Full Of Shame)” at the studio:

Learn more about Alberta Cross.

Learn more about ATO Records.

Purchase Alberta Cross – Songs of Patience.


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