YouTube Presents: Def Leppard

Just posted today…a seven-song set Def Leppard recorded for YouTube.

The concert was performed last night at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, and features seven songs:

  • “Rock of Ages”
  • “Foolin'”
  • “Animal”
  • “Hysteria”
  • “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak”
  • “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
  • “Let It Go”

The music is great, but Joe Elliott is not the same singer he was twenty years ago. It irks me that fans will bash David Lee Roth for his diminished ability, but give Elliott a pass. Roth sounds much better on the current tour than Elliott has in years. And that hair is awful, Joe. Either cut it or style it…it just looks terrible. The band was tight, and the guitar work by Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell was superb as always.

I was glad to see “Animal” in the setlist, since that is my favorite song from Hysteria. The performance of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” was the best overall; everyone in the group looked like they were having fun during the song, and even Joe Elliott sounded good. All of the other songs, unfortunately, suffered from a poor vocal performance.

Def Leppard is headlining a tour this summer with Lita Ford and Poison providing support. Why exactly Def Leppard and Poison are touring together again is a mystery to me since they were just on a bill together a couple of years ago; a further mystery is why Def Leppard is again headlining over Bret Michaels and the boys. Maybe they haven’t put out anything new in years, but Poison is currently a much more entertaining band than Def Leppard.

If you are interested in seeing Lita Ford, Poison, and Def Leppard on tour this summer, click here for the tour itinerary.

Purchase Def Leppard – Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection.

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  1. Michael Roberts

    Roth sounds terrible. And why leppard over poison? Because leppard is much better, has more hits, and has sold many more albums. Better musicians. Better songs. Leppard is far into the classic rock scene now and is not a hair glam band from L.A. like poisen is. His voice is fine on rock of ages and foolin and animal etc. Sounds like joe elliot. His notes are much higher and harder to hit than a brett michaels. Where have you been? Motley crue opened every show for leppard overseas last year. Journey opened up for leppard in the 2005 arena tour. Everybody opens for leppard. Why you think the name of the movie starring tom cruise is named ROCK OF AGES? Poisen sounds closer to lynard skinnard on steriods than leppard. Poisen all songs about chasing girls. Whats wrong with joes shiny hair? You must not have any. His hair is trendy for today and the 70s which is where leppard is rooted. Not sleeze

    • If it was 1987, then yes Def Leppard should be the headliner. But not today. Poison has been more consistent with their sound and still sounds like they did 25 years ago. Joe Elliott does not. I don’t doubt the band’s musicianship, just the singer’s ability.

      As for the hair, call it preference if you will. I don’t like it. (And yes, I have plenty of hair myself)

    • Tyler Alexander

      Ok, if you are going to make fun of my band at least spell the name right man. Taking nothing away from leppard, they are a great band and have sold more albums yes, but when I go to a show, that’s what i expect to see! I saw Poison and Def Leppard a few years ago and was a very low energy show as the head lining act. On the other hand, Poison by far stole the show with the fans and had much more energy. Again, I’m not bashing on them, but I want some energy at my shows, and Joe does not have it or the vocal range anymore.

  2. Michael Roberts

    Poison was quickly left in the dust after flesh and blood in 1990. They still have a good crowd but they are what they are. Leppard had 6 hits off 1992 adrenalize..number 1 for 5 weeks. Sold 4 million even as grunge and hiphop took over. 2 hits off 1993 retro active two steps behind and miss you in a heartbeat. Went platinum. 1995 vault has sold 5 million. Had the hit when love and hate collide. Gold album with 96 slang. Near platinum album with 99 euphoria with number 1 mainstream rock single promises. 2005 Rock of ages/the definitive collection went platinum…joe quit smoking in 2005. 7 years ago and his voice sounds better than it did on the X tour of 2002 2003. Leppard was on mtv same time as poison but didnt do dayglo and spandex or makeup. They were ripped jeans. Tshirts and shirts. Steve clark wore jeans and button shirt with scarf. Different guitar sound than glam hair. Steve clark played lespaul, which was responsible for those riffs. It was a carry over from the 70s

    • We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I actually don’t think they should be on the bill together anyway, since they just toured together a couple of years go (can’t remember if it was ’09 or ’10, with Cheap Trick).

      I like Def Leppard’s studio recordings (especially in the summertime with the top down in the Mustang 🙂 ). But they just don’t do it for me live.

  3. Michael Roberts

    Look what the cat dragged in is poison’s best riff. I like poison. But they shouldnt be headlining over leppard. Poison opened up for motley crue too. Only bands that were doing les pauls in the 80s were leppard, gunsnroses, kingdom come, and john sykes on the 87 whitesnake. Roth even sounds terrible on the new album. He doesnt even get sing half the lyrics live.

  4. Michael Roberts

    Youtube defleppard wasted 2011 download HD. Pioneers of new wave of british heavy metal. Poison broke up. Leppard never did. Though they lost the drummers arm and original guitarist. I wish they would go heavy again. As you mentioned, they have the musicianship to do whatever they want. But both bands are getting older and losing marketing power. Leppard just did more to stay around. Slang and X werent what the fans wanted, but it kept them signed to a major label which meant big world tours. Poison was selling out 10k crowds 10 years ago. But they dont usually get close to that on their own anymore. So it makes marketing sense and the bands need each other on tour to draw more people whether its to promote a new song or to remind people they still exist. Both bands have toured heavily since 99.

  5. As far as vocals, Joe’s been screaming for nearly 40 years, lol. That’s bound to take a toll on him. But I actually really like his singing voice (when it sounds decent) more than his screaming. His voice going is a bit like Steve Perry’s voice, which has declined heavily from what it once was. And you’re right about the music- these guys really outpace not only their contemporaries but younger bands, too!

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