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Oz Fluxx by Looney Labs (2012)

Oz Fluxx

Oz Fluxx
by Looney Labs, 2012

One of the most enduring stories in American history is now a card game! Looney Labs released “Oz Fluxx” in March, a Wizard Of Oz-themed version of the imaginative Fluxx playing cards. The rules and goals of the game can potentially change with every card played, so players really have to pay attention…the game can end at any time!

Oz Fluxx

There are several different types of cards in the 100-card deck: keepers, creepers, new rules, goals, actions, and surprises. The goal determines the winner; whoever has the cards named on the goal, wins! Unless…they have a creeper on the table, or another player plays a surprise card to prevent the win. The game starts off with one main rule: draw one card, play one card. As new rules are added, the old rules are superseded whenever there is a conflict. Confused yet? It may sound a little difficult, but it’s really easy once the game starts.

having fun with Oz Fluxx

I have played the game several times, and always have fun playing. Oz Fluxx is recommended for ages eight and up, two to six players. The box says a game can last 10-40 minutes, but it can be much shorter or longer depending on how the cards fall. The first night we opened it, after the kids got sent to bed, my wife and I continued to play over and over for two more hours! As soon as a winner was declared, the cards were gathered up, shuffled, and dealt again.

If you are looking for a fun family-friendly game to play with your kids, or even just with your significant other, Oz Fluxx is a first-rate option. And if you are not into The Wizard of Oz, there are several other versions of the Fluxx game available.

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