Baseball’s Greatest Games Collector’s Edition DVD boxed set (2011)

As American as baseball and apple pie

Baseball’s Greatest Games
Collector’s Edition DVD boxed set
New Video, 2011
11 discs; 29 hrs., 56 mins. total + extras

What are the greatest baseball games ever televised? While every baseball fan may give a different answer, there are a few games that will certainly appear on the majority of lists. In this 11-disc collection, New Video makes available ten of the greatest games ever played, dating back to the 1960 World Series and coming into the 21st century with playoff games between the Yankees and Red Sox.

Let’s make one thing clear: these videos are not “highlight reels” of the featured games interspersed with interviews. No, these are the actual games as they were originally televised (minus commercials), complete with the original television announcers and graphics associated with the broadcasts. The number of Hall of Famers that played in these games is astounding, from Roberto Clemente and Mickey Mantle to Roberto Alomar and Paul Molitor. Couldn’t get any better, could it?

Actually, yes it could…and it does. Perhaps there is a television announcer that you do not like. What do you do? Mute the TV and watch in silence? You could do that, or you could go to the “audio set-up” of the DVD and choose “radio call” to hear the game as hometown fans heard it, such as the legendary Jack Buck on the 1985 NLCS game (Cardinals vs. Dodgers, featuring Ozzie Smith‘s bottom of the 9th homer), synced up to the action on the screen.

The ten games featured in this collector’s edition include nine playoff games (five of those from the World Series) and one regular season game.

  • 1960 World Series Game 7 (Pirates vs. Yankees, Bill Mazeroski‘s walk-off homer to win the Championship)
  • 1975 World Series Game 6 (Red Sox vs. Reds, Carlton Fisk waving it fair in the bottom of the 12th)
  • 1979 Wrigley Field Slugest (Cubs vs. Phillies, a regular season game with a final score of 23-22, multiple home runs from both Mike Schmidt and Dave Kingman)
  • 1985 NLCS Game 5 (Cardinals vs. Dodgers, Ozzie’s walk-off)
  • 1986 World Series Game 6 (Mets vs. Red Sox, Mookie Wilson‘s dribbler that went in between Bill Buckner‘s legs to send the Series to a seventh game)
  • 1991 World Series Game 7 (Twins vs. Braves, proof that Jack Morris belongs in the Hall of Fame)
  • 1992 NLCS Game 7 (Braves vs. Pirates, amazing come-from-behind win sending Atlanta to the World Series)
  • 1993 World Series Game 6 (Blue Jays vs. Phillies, Joe Carter‘s dramatic bottom of the 9th blast)
  • 2003 ALCS Game 7 (Yankees vs. Red Sox, the 11-inning nail-biter featuring Aaron Boone‘s heroic blast)
  • 2004 ALCS Game 4 (Red Sox vs. Yankees, the beginning of Boston’s historic comeback after losing the first three games of the ALCS)

In addition to these complete broadcasts is an eleventh disc featuring interviews from players and coaches, many of them involved in the contests. Hall of Famers Whitey Ford, Mazeroski, Fisk, Gary Carter, Kirby Puckett and Rickey Henderson, as well as legends Pete Rose, Fred Lynn, Tug McGraw, and Dave Stewart are included in these interviews.

This boxed set is a fantastic addition to any baseball lover’s video collection, highly recommended to those who love to relive the classic moments from baseball’s history.

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  1. This is cool! I definitely may pick this up.

  2. Man, that’s awesome. They really got almost all of the games I’d have included since 1960 – which is probably as far back as you can go. I think that a tape of the Mazeroski game was only recently uncovered. The radio option is awesome!

    I’d have taken away that Phillies / Cubs slugfest and done either of the following:
    -Reggie Jackson’s 3 HR World Series game.
    -Hank Aaron passing the Babe
    -2001 Game 7, Diamondbacks over the Yankees when Gonzalez hit a walk-off single over Rivera
    -Game 7 of the 68 World SEries – Lolich over Gibson (I’d particularly love to see that one)
    -Either one of the record strikeout games in the World Series that Gibson or

    • I like the atmosphere of the regular season game, even though it didn’t have all the hooplah of a postseason contest. I meant to mention that one of the Bulls players stopped in the WGN booth and chatted about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, which was really cool because it was before the ’79 draft when Magic was taken first overall.

      That said, I would have liked some record breaker games also…Hank, Pete, or maybe one of Ryan’s or Koufax’s no-hitters.

      Either way, it’s a great set, and they have more coming out soon I believe.

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