Fun Cards: 1976 Topps Rollie Fingers

Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers

Last month, Dick Allen Hall of Fame posted a couple of “what-if” cards featuring Joe Rudi and Rollie Fingers. Charlie Finley sold the two star players to the Red Sox, but Bowie Kuhn voided the deal. DAHoF photoshopped the Red Sox logo on his customs, but there were actually some photographs made, as the deal stood for three days. I used one of those photos for my “fun card” above.

Here’s what Fingers said about the deal in an interview a few years ago on Bleacher Report:

I was happier than a pig in s*** to get traded to the Red Sox. I wanted to get the h*** away from Charlie Finley. He was a pain in the neck. He sold me to the Red Sox for $1 million. I was in uniform, the Red Sox had just come into Oakland for a three games series. I just picked up all my stuff from out of my locker and went over to the visiting locker and had a locker next to Carl Yastrzemski. I was there for three days and at the end of the three days, (former MLB commissioner) Bowie Kuhn nixed the deal. So I picked up all my stuff and went back to the Oakland A’s clubhouse. Had I got in a ballgame, I don’t think that Bowie Kuhn could have done anything, though.

Fingers did get away from Finley the next year, signing a 6-year deal with San Diego beginning in 1977; he was traded to Milwaukee in December 1980.


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