Topps Golden Giveaway

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this.

For the past couple of years, Topps has run a pretty cool promotion using randomly-inserted code cards in baseball card packs. You could enter the code on a website, unlock a vintage Topps card, and if you liked the card, have it delivered to you. I was happy that they were doing this again in 2012…except they weren’t.

I went to and entered my first code. This is what popped up on the screen:

Not a huge Derek Jeter fan, but I won’t turn it down. But wait…

So…what’s the point? If this isn’t something I can actually have…I don’t really want it. It’s like Farmville on Facebook…what’s the point?

Didn’t Topps try this kind of thing already with Or was that just for kids?

This is just another strike against 2012 Topps. I know there are collectors who love it (and I’m not hating the design…I think it’s fairly nice other than the foil), and there are those who hate it (I do not consider myself in this camp at all). The Golden Giveaway just seems extraneous.

I have one more code, so let’s go ahead and see what that spits out…

Lookie there, it’s the guy that should have won the 2011 NL MVP award, Matt Kemp!

Is Ryan Braun going to do the right thing and give it up, or is he still sticking to his “bad test” hogwash?

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  1. Entered 7 codes last night. Very disappointed. There are real cards but i guess they and are gold one of ones. Ring inserted and die cut refractors
    All rare. Overall 2012 Topps is not for me.

  2. I’m bummed about this too. I liked unlocking random cards.

  3. Yeah, this is awful. I have used a total of 147 codes. I have unlocked 7 Die Cut cards and the rest are the digital coins.
    For those who dont know, There are 3 categories (Teams, Players & HOF players). Each category contains 30 coins.

    Now, to get the Willie Mays auto, you need to unlock all 30 coins from one of the categories. I believe you only need to get 30 of one of the categories….but I might be wrong. Maybe you have to unlock all 30 in each of the 3 categories.

    Anyhow, I’m at 29 coins in all 3 categories. I’ve been stuck at 29 for a while now. I dont know at what point they will let me unlock the 30th coin in one of the categories, but this is absurd. How many more codes do I need to use before they will allow me to get one of the 30th coins? I’m very close to calling it quits. I cant believe I even got started with this crap. I had a feeling it was BS once I entered my first code and saw the digital coin pop up.

    I just hope this turns out to be a complete failure and hopefully topps will go back to unlocking vintage cards or something similar. Because this is nonsense!

    Very disappointed!!!

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