Play ball!

Spring training is still so far away…fortunately, we still have video games!!!

I’m not a big gamer, but I love sports-themed games, especially baseball. Here are some of the best baseball games that I have played on various Nintendo systems:


  • Bases Loaded: I think Boston was the team I used the most here, and one of their players reminded me a lot of Will Clark. The game didn’t keep track of statistics, so I always had a notebook next to me and I scored the games as I played. After each game, I would then enter the numbers into a database on my Apple IIe. (No, I’m not joking.)
  • Baseball Stars: I thought this game was the bomb because several of the players were based on historical greats, and you could even create your own team! I can’t remember off-hand it kept track of statistics or not, though. I want to say that it did. The game is available to play online at Virtual NES.

Nintendo 64

  • Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr.: When The Kid is batting, hit left-left-right-right-right-left-left, make contact and round the bases. Man, how many homers did I hit with that dude?

Nintendo Gamecube

  • MLB Slugfest 2003: Despite Alex Rodriguez being the cover boy for this game, it’s really fun to play. You can punch the fielder, throw at the batter, even catch on fire for unlimited turbo. And of course there are codes to play in the Roman Colloseum or with lion-headed players.
  • MVP Baseball 2005: This is the one that I’m hooked on at the moment. I bought this in December for $2 and have been playing it constantly. Then-current teams, with options to unlock legends such as Johnny Bench, Satchel Paige, and more; play in classic stadiums; wear old-timey uniforms…this one really has it all for the traditional fan.

Nintendo Wii

  • Wii Sports: I had a lot of fun playing the home run derby on this game until we moved into a house with an extremely low ceiling. Sadly, I can’t play it anymore without putting holes in the ceiling.

What are some of your favorite baseball video games?

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  1. Oh man. Apple IIc for me. The game was Hardball. I played a full season as each team against the computer controlling the other team. Kept score and everything.

    Tommy Euler, Ricky Miller, Bobby Allen. With time I could remember more names. Stupid glitch in the game though. If you hit a single to RF, 98% of the time the runner would be thrown out at 1st.

    There there was Earl Weaver Baseball. I was laid up with a bad back, so I spent a lot of time with that. I created my version of all-time rosters for all teams, and played 2+ full seasons. Fortunately the game kept score and updated stats. Both full seasons ended up with a Yankees/Cardinals World Series. Somewhere I still have the print outs.

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