Fun Cards: 1989 Fleer “SuperStar Specials” Brandon Phillips & Joe Morgan

In the 1970s, the best second baseman in the major leagues played for the Cincinnati Reds. Joe Morgan was more than just the best second baseman though; he was one of the best players in the majors and is slightly underrated by fans today. B-R’s EloRater puts him at #32 all-time, while The Baseball Guru puts him at #14, behind only Eddie Collins at 2B.

Brandon Phillips, obviously, is not that good. But he is doing a great job for the Reds currently with three Gold Gloves, two straight All-Star selections, and a Silver Slugger award. I hope DatDudeBP is able to continue putting up the numbers for the Reds for a long time.


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  1. If only Brandon could learn to draw some walks and strike out a LOT less. And improve his SB%. And win some titles.

    Joe had his MVP seasons at 31 and 32. Let’s see how Brandon compares the next seasons, his 31 and 32 age years.

    • I would love to see BP improve even more. Even though Morgan didn’t win the MVP until ’75 and ’76, he was already an established superstar. I’m not sure if I can put BP in the “superstar” category yet…partially because my judgment is clouded by proximity. The only Red I see as a true superstar at the moment is Votto, with Bruce on the rise.

  2. I Just LOVE IT When Someone Uses The Term “SECOND SACKER” hahaha
    Sadly, Only I and ONE of My Baseball Friends Actually Use The Term With ANY Frequency.
    My “SECOND SACKER” Of Choice???
    …It’s Still TOMMY HERR!!!
    Lawdy How I Miss My 1980s “Runnin’ Redbirds” šŸ˜¦
    I’d LOVE To See The Cards Get Back To Playin’ Some “WHITEY BALL” hahahaha
    Sweet Post, Dude.

    • Those ’80s Cardinals teams were full of talent. I wish more teams played small ball like that. Home runs are fun to watch, sure, but for those that can’t drive the ball deep it would be cool to see them execute on the basepaths more.

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