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  1. Hi JT
    Thanks for this series about retired numbers in baseball.

    You ve mentioned that you would lie to see Don Mattingly and Ron Guidry in the HOF. I I think each of them has case..but, not a clear cut case, more like a politics on the veterans committee case. I can match them with names like Garvey, Hernandez, Will Clark and for pitchers…….Allie Reynolds, Dave McNally and going back further Sam
    Leever (who is never mentioned) and Wes Ferrell……

    I am happy that Ron Santo finally ogot his due, I am not a Cubs fan, but thouth she should have been elected years ago.

    Putting a retired ball players number on the wall is entirely politics, it depends on the whim of the current owner of a club on which a player played….and the cicumstances in which he may have left a club….

    There are players who played their whole career for a franchise, or are identified with that , franchise had a number, are in the HOF and yet their numbers are NOT retired.

    Red Faber pitched his entire for the White Sox, why was Ted Lyons number retired and not Faber?
    Arky Vaughn (who wore Pirates 21 before Clemente),
    Joe Medwick and Frankie Frisch, (7 and 3 for the Cards,
    Dazzy Vance, the Dodgers dont want toa cknoledge that Brookly dogers baseblale xisted before 1941 or 1947……
    LLoyd Waner (Pirates 10),
    Eppa Rixey (18 for Reds and before Klusewski)….

    The Yanlees retired 1 for Billy Martin, it SHOULD have been on the wall for Earl Coombs, a HOFer, eqally 6 SHOULD have been retired for Tony Lazzeri

    And then there are players who played their entire careers for a team or close to their entire careers were very, very good to great players, had numbers and have not been honored with retirement of their numbers. Hack and Cavaretta who heach had 19 to 20 year careers Cubs, Dwight Evans for the Red Sox Dave Mcnally for the Orioles, Mickey Lolich of the Tigers, are all examples…..

    Ane then there ar great players who have been forgotten because their fanchises have moved and the franchise doesn t think it s past history is important…There are only Oakland As on the wall in Oakland….Jackson (9) , Hunter, (27) Fingers (34) , Eckerlsey (43)

    And the As have forgotten Foxx, Simmons, Grove and Cochrane…..

    There are a lot of misisng intials on baseball stadium walls (for when beofre players wore numbers) but that is another topic.

  2. Sure, politics and fan favoritism has a lot to do with the selections, but each team has general rules as well. For Boston, all but one are Hall of Famers, and while Dewey Evans had a great career that many consider borderline HOF, he doesn’t meet the BoSox criteria. There are exceptions to every rule, but when you make too many exceptions then the door is blown wide open and the honor is diminished a bit.

    The Reds have their own Hall of Fame Museum, complete with plaques and yearly exhibits, that highlight many of their great players from the past. Rixey is well represented there. The retirement of a uniform number, in Cincinnati, has an added significance that I believe should be reserved for a select few.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the series. Thanks for posting!

  3. in Boston, Johhny Pesky has his number retired. Pesky was a good player at times a very good player, but he s not in the HOF, and yet his number is on the wall…because he was the ultimate organization man for MANY years.

    Wade Boggs IS a HOFer and won 5 batting championships a s a Red Sox player….but 26 isnt on the wall. WHY?
    1. he signed with the yakees
    2. He slept with a woman who want his wife and it became a scandal. .

    If we limited the retirment of numbers to the MORALLY pure platers who never cheated …..a LOT of the numbers would be taken down!

    And if Roger Clemens is elected to the HOF, what are the Red Sox going to do? How can someone who won 192 (and 3 CYAs) of his 354 games…be ignored? But, I ll bet 21 isn t going on the wall in Fenway!

    In Cincinnati Dave Concepcion s number 13 is retired, a very fine shortstop, but not a HOFer.

    There are no rules, its just the whims of tthe owner………………..


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