Funky Fett

I’m all for expressing one’s individuality, but to mess with Boba Fett’s color scheme?

I’m not sure I’m down with that.

How many of you remember Boba Fett’s first appearance in Star Wars? It was before The Empire Strikes Back, and I’m not talking about the deleted-then-later-restored footage in A New Hope. I’m talking about The Star Wars Holiday Special.

This little cartoon was by far the best part of The Star Wars Holiday Special, but I wouldn’t call it the “only shining light” of the program. Hey, we got to meet Chewbacca’s family, didn’t we? So what if we couldn’t understand anything they said and there were no subtitles?

Before you ask, yes, that was actually aired on television.

And before you ask, yes, the actors want to forget it ever happened. Check out Harrison Ford (Han Solo) on Conan a few years ago…fast-forward to 3:10 in the video when the discussion turns to The Star Wars Holiday Special:

And Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) starting at 2:54:

“Nobody is allowed to mention this…You will die if you watch it.”


But this is even more priceless…


And this is one of the many, many reasons I love the internet.


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  1. I want to know why Boba Fett was never again shown riding the Loch Ness monster after his first appearance.

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