A complete set

I never set out to be a bobblehead collector, but I now have thirteen different bobbleheads in the man cave. The only one I’ve ever paid for – Mark Prior in a Cubs uniform – cost a whopping dollar at an antique mall (I actually have two of them, one still in its packaging, if you are interested in trading for one).

Today, I picked up my thirteenth bobblehead, and it was my fifth Johnny Bench figure.

This year, the Reds Hall of Fame has been giving away Bench bobbleheads free with paid admission on the weekends (while supplies last). As an “All-Star Family Member” of the HOF, the first four were included with the membership package. The fifth, however, was not. So I forked over the ten dollars for admission to the museum this morning, and added Johnny Bench #5 to my collection.

I normally don’t go out of my way for bobbleheads. The first one I ever got was of Mr. Red, offered as a free gift when you signed up for a credit card. The card was canceled and cut up as soon as received.

The second was Larry Bird, wearing an Indiana State uniform. I’m sure it was given to me at some point while I lived in Indiana, but I cannot remember exactly when or by whom.

I have picked up four other bobbleheads at ballgames: Chris Sabo, Jay Bruce, and Joey Votto (all Reds), and Adam Jones (Orioles). Another figure, Aaron Harang, was won on Listia, and the shipping was free, so I didn’t even have to pay to have it mailed to me. And then there was the $1 Mark Prior (of which, again, I have two…if you are possibly interested).

Again, I am not an intentional bobblehead collector. But I am a Sabo fan, a Votto fan, and a Bruce fan. And a supporter of the Reds Hall of Fame. And I can’t pass up free stuff. And I was just lucky that we happened to go to the Baltimore game on a promotion night. I guess that makes me an accidental collector?


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Christian. Husband. Dad. 911 dispatcher. Baseball fan. Horror nut. Music nerd. Bookworm. Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

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  1. Do any of those really look like Johnny Bench? I’d say that goes for most Bobbleheads.

  2. The closest is #4 in my opinion. But you’re right, most bobbleheads don’t do a great job with resemblance.

  3. that’s quite the Bench collection. Now all you need is a miniature bench to display them on.

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