Gypsy Queen – Sean Casey

I gotta say, I’m kind of amazed how many photos there are of Sean Casey in a Red Sox uniform. I barely remember him going to Boston. He will always be the mayor of Cincinnati to Reds fans.

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  1. Cool card. I always picture Casey in the 1998 Score look.

  2. Hi JT,

    Sorry I’m using this space to contact you, but I was googling around to see if I can find information about something. Found a thread and post by you on baseball-fever concerning what I need to know and that linked me over here. Anyways, hopefully what I’m asking makes sense…

    Thread was talking about the redemption of Topps Diamond Giveaway codes. I’m not so much interested in *which* cards people are winning as I am curious as to *how* they show up when you ask to redeem them. Is there any kind of special or interesting packaging or do the cards simply show up in a stack? In other words if they send me a 1988 Sid Fernandez card, is there anything at all unique about it (a special Topps sleeve maybe) or something that indicates it did indeed come from Topps? Or is it just lumped together with the rest of the cards I redeem and would look no different than a 1988 Sid card that is sitting in my closet? At 50-cents per card for shipping, and blowing so much cash to get the codes, I would hope there was something physically unique about the cards I’d receive through this scam.

    And while I’m at it, why do the Reds platoon catchers instead of Ramon Hernandez full-time?

    Thanks alot,
    – Scott O.

  3. Diamond Giveaway: No, the are shipped in standard toploaders, no Topps logos or anything like that. A 1988 Topps Sid Bream is a 1988 Topps Sid Bream is a 1988 Topps Sid Bream.

    Ramon: I’ve always been a Hanigan supporter myself, but Hernandez has outplayed him so far this year. I know there are certain pitchers that like to use certain catchers, and that plays into it some.

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