Happy Star Wars Day!!!

What, you didn’t know that today was Star Wars Day? For shame!

This is May the Fourth, as in May the Fourth Be With You. In honor of today, you have to do something Star Warsy. Dress up like Han Solo, or (if you’re a girl) put your hair up in Princess Leia buns, or speak Huttese in all of your conversations.

Or you could do something simple, like change your Facebook status to a quote from one of the Star Wars movies (but don’t be cliché…no “It’s a trap!” OK?), or do a blogpost commemorating the greatest movie series of all time.

If you are not a regular reader of the Punk Rock Paint blog, you should be ashamed of yourself. Travis has done a fine job creating some Star Wars Retro Baseball Card customs. Go look at them. I command you.

A couple of weeks ago, he posted a whole pack of 1988 Star Wars PRP cards. In answer to those goodies, I have a 1988 Star Wars cards from a PRP competitor…

They used an old photo from ESB (evidently Lando was too busy fighting the Empire to pose for pictures during the RotJ era), but you can’t expect too much from an upstart card company.

And with that, I share with you my Star Wars quote for the day…

“I’ve done all I can. I’m sorry I couldn’t do better, but I got my own problems.”


About JT

Preacher. Author. 911 dispatcher. Baseball fan. Horror nut. Music nerd. Bookworm. Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year.

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  1. I texted “May the 4th be with you” to some of my friends… hope that counts O.O

  2. I posted a blog post on my Star Wars loving childhood, and will be wearing a Yoda t-shirt in honour of the day…

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