The newest superhero in the Marvel Universe…


A ton of Marvel cartoons will be made available for streaming during 2011, from the big dogs Spider-Man and X-Men to the lesser known like Black Panther and Sub-Mariner. Beginning today, a bunch of ’90s and ’00s series and specials will stream, while the classics from the ’60s will come later this fall, and more promised by the comic book company!

The one I am most looking forward to is planned for a summer stream…the 1981 classic “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends!” I loved watching Spidey team up with Ice Man and Firestar every Saturday morning when I was a tiny tike, and can’t wait to watch those adventures again with my kids!

There is a fantastic fan site for the series here.

For the full list of what is coming to Netflix, read this news item on Marvel’s site. Or, if you’re already a Netflix streamer, go ahead and start watching…

(If they still say “unavailable,” check back later…they should be live sometime today)

NOTE: Pay attention to the ratings! As I was adding some of these titles, I noticed a few are marked TV-MA which are intended for adults, not kids.

If you are not yet a Netflix subscriber, you can try it out for free for the first month. Just sign up on

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  1. Spiderman and His Amazing Friends is what got me into comics as a kid. I still love that show.

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