Trade with Thoughts and Sox

I received a package from AdamE today, featuring three distinct periods of Reds history.

First, there was the Big Red Machine. Struggles preceded their mid-70s domination, and in 1970 they lost to Baltimore in the World Series…

But behind the hustle of Pete Rose

…and the addition of the fiery Joe Morgan following the 1971 season…

…the Machine was well underway to becoming the best team in baseball. Of course, their back-to-back championships in 1975 and 1976 are still the peak of the modern franchise, but it wasn’t their last trip to the Series.

In 1990, led by manager Lou Piniella, the Reds once again took center stage and wiped out the heavily-favored Oakland A’s in a 4-game sweep.

I’m 99.9% sure this card is supposed to depict Sweet Lou, as the back makes reference to Marge Schott and her dog, Schottzie, and the fleas and the “presents” that Schottzie was known to leave on the artificial turf at Riverfront Stadium.

The third era represented in this trade package is the current era. Drew Stubbs, the team’s current center fielder, is a guy who is primed to have a break-out season. With all the attention on the big-money boys Joey Votto and Jay Bruce, Stubbs can quietly do his thing and contribute in a big way without a big fuss.

Thanks for the cards, Adam! I’ll have a package of BoSox out to you shortly!


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  1. Sorry I didn’t have many Reds to send you but glad you liked the ones I sent.

    I’m also pretty impressed with the length of the post you came up with from that small sample of cards.

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