Do you know anything about record players?


I bought this beauty yesterday, knowing that it needed work, but I’m afraid it may be beyond repair.

The turntable spins, and the radio works, but as you can see, there are some problems with the needle arm (not even sure if that’s the correct word).

The problem is that I have Googled the model number with no luck. I’ve looked on sites like and with no success. Here is the model number, as printed on the back of the stereo:

Any guidance you can provide will be much appreciated. Where do I find replacement parts? Is it even fixable? Thanks in advance…

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  1. OK, thanks to a local friend I think I figured out which cartridge I need…

    But now I need to know how easy this thing will actually be to fix?

  2. I don’t know much about fixing these things, but I do know that in most cases the record player is removeable, which would make it easier to take it to get fixed or replace it with another one.
    Plus these consoles tend to be quite commonplace, and you might find it cheaper and easier to dump this one and get a different one. My local Craigslist is full of them.

  3. Craigslist is where I got this one. Only $15, so I didn’t lose much and can probably unload it on someone else who knows how to fix them and find another one, hopefully in working condition with a needle and everything.

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