Redsfest 2010: Ted Power

Appearing at the same time as Ron Oester in the Reds Hall of Fame section at Redsfest was Ted Power, who won 47 games for the Reds from 1983-1987 and 1991. He was also traded with Kurt Stillwell to the Royals for Danny Jackson and Angel Salazar after the 1987 season, and currently serves as the pitching coach for the Louisville Bats.

I really don’t have a story to tell about Power. He was never one of the guys I followed closely, and honestly don’t remember much about him. Looking at his B-R page, it appears he was more effective out of the bullpen, but he was never overpowering (no pun intended).

The card I chose for Power’s signature was the 1986 Texas Gold team issue, the third card I’ve had signed from this set (Tom Browning and Mario Soto were the others). I may chase more autographs for these cards next year; they are simple with nice action photographs for the time, especially for a stadium giveaway set.

Joshua picked the 1987 Topps card because of the design…he loves the wood border.


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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Ted Power at the 2010 Reds Fest. We exchanged a few words while he autographed a baseball for me, and I found him to be a genuinely pleasant, upbeat guy who spoke to me as if I were a friend.

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