Redsfest 2010: Ron Oester

After meeting one of my childhood heroes, it was time to move on to another autograph session. You don’t have time to rest at Redsfest!

At the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum booth, Ron Oester was scheduled to appear along with Ted Power and Dave Collins. I’ll be honest, I was shocked to see Collins on the list of players scheduled to appear, and yes, I was doubtful that he would show up. It turns out my doubts were not without merit. Oester and Power were there, Collins was nowhere to be seen.

Ron Oester was an important part of the mid-1980s Reds teams, but he certainly wasn’t going to make anyone forget about Joe Morgan. He played in at least 150 games each season from 1982-86, batting .264 during that time (with a high of .295 in 1985).

But there is more to Oester than his baseball career. He is also a caring person, and demonstrated that with a young boy in the 1980s who suffered from a disease that eventually took his life. The entire Reds team visited the young boy, but Oester made an impact on the family more than any other. I am good friends with that boy’s sister, and she told me how much Oester lifted her brother’s spirits when nothing else could.

The cards my son and I got autographed are below. Oester took special note of the minor league card, mentioning that he doesn’t see those very often. The 1989 Score card belongs to my son.

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  1. What is the story on Collins? He was one of my childhood favorites. Is he aloof? Anti-autograph? Surly?

  2. I don’t know what the story was on Collins. Surely he didn’t just blow it off, but I never heard an explanation for his absence.

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